Sunday, December 6, 2009

Portfolio-Reflctive intro

General: I will explain what is going to be included in the portfolio, each entry i will include and why. i will also talk about the development i have made as a writer

project: I will tak about each project i chose and why. I will also talk about what changes that will be made and the overall ideas i have for each project. Also, I will talk about how each project has help me grow as a writer and how the class as a whole has shaped my writng and in electronic environments as well.

web portfoio-ideas themes

The themes:
Growth as a writer- both discussing how writing has changed and mindset about electronic writing
new experience- dicussing how learning about electronic writing has changed the way i write
new knowledge- how the experiences in WRT 235 have help me shaped my future in writing

Friday, December 4, 2009

Revisions to Projects

I am planning on revising my teaching blog and my wikitravel page.

For my teaching blog, i want edit all the posts, make them easier to read, add more details and feelings and reactions to them, as well as adding links and and pictures. i chose to revise this because i still plan on using this blog after the project is over.

For my wikipage, i chose to do this project because I still feel there is more i can add and make it more of a full page. for the revisions i need to do some editing, adding picture and links, add overall more content and fix some of code for the wiki page.

kimbal reading

after doing the reading about web portfolios i relflectd back on my past experiences with them. i have had many since highschool and now in college. with one of my majors being writing i am very familiar with doing end of the semester portfolios, and find it is a great tool to look over my work from the past semester and see the growth in my writing. During the semester at times you could feel like you didnt learn very much, but with doing a portfolio you are able to see the change in you writing. I have also done an extensicve entrance portfolio for the education department. It was one of the things i am most proud of and worked the hardest on in college. I really like it beciae i was able to physically hold and see the efforts of my work,
My experience with web portfolios is very limited, i have worked and seen some but i have never created own full one of my own. I am a little reserved with web portfolios, i find it easier for my to physically put together all the aspects of it. i find is sometimes confusing and less afftective learning experience by just using everything on a computer. While it opens up more options for the portfolio i am still unsure of how i might react and work with web portfolios.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finishing toucheds-ning

So the project is winding down. As I talked about earlier I was concerned with how the site would look and read in the end. After the break when I returned to the site and started to do some of my work i was pleasantly surprised not only with the amount of work all my group did but the quality as well. The site looked really good and everything was starting to look like an acutal sns.
I feel like the group was a little unsure at the start of the project about were this site was going to lead us and what we were going to include, but overall i feel like we did a really good job. All the changes everyone made to their own work and working together on a few of the pieces really added depth and multiple views about the subject. Also, since everyone came from a different view or standpoint on the subject it made it very easy to come up with different topics to discuss and was very interesting to see how everything turned out.

How do I do anything on NING

Doing simple task on ning just are not as easy as they should be. First of all you have to add some of the basic functions to your page that I feel should already be there. I also had so much trouble with adding music, like some many others, i had the hardest time getting it to work. One of the main problems I had with the music is the formating. Ning only allowed mp3 files to be played and i was still unable to get any off my itunes to work, i got a song to play but it wasnt the desired one that I wanted.
Another problem our group faced was with the blog and discussion post. We were experiencing that some of what we were saying in them started out to be different but towards the end started to sound like the same thing. We decided as a group to go back and look at what we wrote and edit it accordingly.


So our group started working on our project, our first task was to figuire out what we were gonna do for a topic. we all figuired out that we all had the same interest in literacy/education, so there was our topic. Then we divided up the tasks and decided to work on everything together. Everyone in the group is really relaxed and easy to work with, which is nice thing because group projects can be a hastle.
When I was first exploring the ning site i was so very confused and concerned about how our new page was going to look and actually work out after. I really liked the concept of the site (ning) but couldn't see how all the parts were going to pan out and look after all the work. There are some many different functions and options on ning that is it hard to get a grasp on what to do first.