Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Revisions, re-writes

So nothings perfect the first time, the second or ever. Thats my moto and least when writing. After working with group about what was good and bad with my blog I sat on it for a day or so, just didnt work on it. Not because I was lazy or didnt want to work on my blog I just like to think about my writing and not acutally write for at least a day. SO after my "thinking time" I started to read over my posts and get to work on them. It was hard I admit. I am not found with reading my own writngs, this might sound wierd to some but well then I guess Im wierd. I decided to combine two of my post and write a whole new one. This work out pretty well, I was able to focus my attention to what I acually said I was going to write about in my description and about me section.
Also while re-writng my posts I tried to add in more to the layout and visuals, it was and still is hard to come up with ideas for picture, I cant take any in the schools so I have to be more creative, but at this moment the creative juices are not flowing so well so I am going to work on those early tomorrow morning. But I did try and include some links to help the readers understand some of the educational terms and topics I was talking about, but didnt feel the need to write in my blog about. Right now I am happy with my blog, but I still have some things to work on. Writing is always a work in progress!!!

Group revisions

So we had to have a group look over our blogs and talk about it. Not my favorite thing to do, I like to write. But I dont like watching people read my writing and talk about it in person. Its just something that has to be done so I do it.
I do have to admit that the group revision thing actually does help. It really gave me new insight about my blog. I thought that my ideas and topics for my posts were not only good but made sense and were easy to undestand. Well I guess not, through talking with the group members I realized that while "I" personaly enjoyed and were able to understand my posts they were a bit difficult for others to follow. I was able to conclude that my topic was to BROAD. My idea for the blog and about me section was right on but I was unable to succeed in my post so far what I wanted to write about. After the discussion I became re-focused and and was able to come up with new posts ideas and a new way to re-format the blog to make more sense to the readers.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

How I Started

Finding a topic for my blogs wasnt that difficult. It has acutally been the easiest part of the blog so far. The hard part was a title. I wanted to find something that was cachty, creative but got the point across. The first thing I did was I made a list of possible titles that were somehow related to the topic of the blog. SO I just typed out whatever the hell came to mind. Some of the ideas that I had I thought were really good at the time I wrote them, then there were others that I really didnt like but I still wrote them down.
My next strategy for coming up with a title was to not think about the blog for an entire day. I always do this while working on a piece of writing, come up with a basic plan for the paper and then not work on it and clear my head for at least a day. It always seems to help me reorganize my thoughts and lets me see my past ideas in new light. It just helps.
The last thing that helped me choose a title was my peers. Meeting in class and talking about the blogs really helped. First off that is how I actually got the ideaf or my blog. As for the title I just read my group my list of possible titles, and one of the group members stoped me at one and told me they really liked that one and others agreed. I looked at it and realized it was exactly the type of title I was looking for so there we I got a title for the blog. Now I just need to blog!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

enthusiast blog - what makes me credible

People should listen to what i have to say in my blog about becoming a teacher because it is actually happening to me. The whole point of my blog is to inform people of my experiences about deciding to make the decsion to become a teacher and show my feelings and the process of it. There is no better way to to prove to an audience your credibility than by talking about events, experiences, and feelings that happened first hand. Another aspect that will make my blog interesting it that unlike some others blog about teaching is that I will be talking about the whole process from start to when ever teaching ends.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Enthusiast blog brainstorm

Topic: Topic of my blog is going to be my experiences in teaching. I plan to focus on my weekly visits to an elementary school for one of my classes. While in the school I observe, help teach, and plan lessons. I will also be conducting studies about what I observe while in the school. In the blog I plan on talking about my experiences while teaching, observing how the classroom works and also my personal thoughts and stories about what goes on during my placement in the school.

Audience: The audience I would like to attract can be very diverse, I would like to see fellow education majors read the blogs and possibly comment on shared experiences. I would also like to see more of the general populatio read the blog, especially people who think the teaching career is not hard. Another interesting audience I would like to share my thoughts with are fellow teachers, people who already went through the training and opbservations that I am now going through myself as I write. I think this audience would like to see all aspects of teaching not just the glory parts when a student has that a'ha moment of learning something you taught them, but more of the down and dirty aspect of teaching, all the grudge work that most dont know about.

Personality: For my blog I think I am going to start writing like a daily journal entries. It is not going to be formal at all. I plan on writing how I would speak to somebody, while that could pose a problem while being difficult to read I am hoping the Audience can connect in someway. Depending on the way that day went the style of writing might change with the mood i am feeling after leaving the school. So right now the style and personality I am leaving to my feelings at the time of the writing.

Possible Titles:
Child's Play
Back in the Classroom
Elementary School through and Grown Man's Eyes
Returning to my Childhood
I never thought I would be a Teacher Well Here it Goes.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Clubhouse blog ideas

1) Rowing- the sport and my experience
2) Kayaking/ instructor
3) Traveling- places i have been
4) Living on my own for first time
5) Studying to be elementary ed. teacher

Stefanac Response

The reading of Stefanac blog/article was very imformative to me about blogging in general but especially about enthusiasts blogs. While still being really new to blogging Stefanac's blog was able to give me a good idea of what a future blogger, such as myself, should be expecting while writing a blog. I learned that while blogging is free and open in any form, where as it pertains to writing there are not neccessarily guideline but more adivce on how to be successful. One of the ideas that struck me the most was the point were Stefanac was making the point about the people in particular who write blogs. Also said was that is a writer (blogger) was looking to find an outet to express themselves and make a living off of it blogging wasnt the content area that person should focus on. As I thought about that some more and thought back to past class discussions, it hit me that those people that take a career in writng and have not found an outlet that works for them, or are having trouble with a particular piece of writing should stop all together and start a blog. Even if the blog was just to be in use for a short period of time, it seems that is helps get the writing process going. Take this post for example, at first I wasnt sure what to write and now am writng more than I planed about more topics than i thought. It got me thinking not only about the article but about blogging and my ways and habits of writing.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My blogging experience

I have never blog or even thought about blogging before. As a writing major I have always been told to write down your thought about anything you might want to write about or just thoughts in general. Well I never do, I can say now that I felt like some things I wanted to write down where things i didnt want other to get a hold of and found out i wrote it. Now with my formal introduction to blogging I think i will continue this after the class is over and be able to put up and paper topics or just thoughts in a safe place where i can access it when i want and have control of who sees my posts and control my identitly as well.

Rebecca Blood's blog

When i first started to read Blood's blog I was lost and confused about where the topic was and where exactly she was going to take this argument. After further readings it became more clear that she was trying to explain blogging as a whole. To be honest the first half of the blog about the history of blogging was somewhat important to the rest of the blog, but with its great amount of detail it led me as the reader to become bored and confused.
I do realize the blog is called history and perspective but the mass amount of detail to little parts of the history seemed to be a little overdone. The perspective aspect of the blog was very interesting. I did not know there was a difference in "web blogging" or just "bloging". After reading about them I came to the conclusion that even though one type of blogging came first and might not be as popular, they are both an affective tool in the use of getting thoughts accross.
I think the idea of blogging was amazing, just to have a space where someone can publish any thing they want and not have to be judged by what they say. I think people tend to feel more comfortable and confident while blogging. They get to say publicly what they want to say while in most cases there is not direct in person risk of harmful feedback. I feel that blogging can be a safe and healthy place for some people to be able to express themselves while remaining a sense of identity.

Friday, September 11, 2009

What is Writing?

Writing is the process of physically putting thougts, ideas into words. It alows someone to be able to leave a trail of their thoughts for others to view. Writing is now a major means of communication between people, it alows people to be able to communicate from far distance and with great detail, and also with writing what ever the author wants to be told is true, instead of verbal communication where ideas can change.

Where most of my writing takes place is either in my room late at night or in the back corner of the library, most of my writing is done in the dark, the only light is the computer screen.