Friday, December 4, 2009

kimbal reading

after doing the reading about web portfolios i relflectd back on my past experiences with them. i have had many since highschool and now in college. with one of my majors being writing i am very familiar with doing end of the semester portfolios, and find it is a great tool to look over my work from the past semester and see the growth in my writing. During the semester at times you could feel like you didnt learn very much, but with doing a portfolio you are able to see the change in you writing. I have also done an extensicve entrance portfolio for the education department. It was one of the things i am most proud of and worked the hardest on in college. I really like it beciae i was able to physically hold and see the efforts of my work,
My experience with web portfolios is very limited, i have worked and seen some but i have never created own full one of my own. I am a little reserved with web portfolios, i find it easier for my to physically put together all the aspects of it. i find is sometimes confusing and less afftective learning experience by just using everything on a computer. While it opens up more options for the portfolio i am still unsure of how i might react and work with web portfolios.

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