Sunday, November 15, 2009

NIng First Impression

Wow, so first of all to sign up it didnt work for me the first time I tried. So not such a good start for ning. After that was fixed and I started to look around the site I was to say a little overwhelmed. As I have said throughout the semester with all the sites we have worked with I am not very tech savy. So being introduced to Ning was the least bit a little stressful. There seems to be some many options and different things you can do on the site, which is good, it seems to be exciting to work with and I am curious to see where its going to take me on this project. One thing I am concerned about is that because of the mass amount of options and little gadgets that that might distract from the actual content of the site. Overall, I am curious and interested in to see how this project will turn out.

Compare Contrast SNS Articles

The first article invovling SNS site and political views is more concerned with how SNS site are only being used for individual pleasure. When SNS site first became popular the idea of using them for more political, informative use was brought up in conversation. Well those groups that have wanted to use those site for political purpose have realized, as the article states that the users of these sites are more concerned with updating and modifying their pages to make them more personal. SNS sites seem to have become more of an online playground for users rather than an informative outlet. The second article about digital natives is more concerned with the idea that our society today is using the internet more and more, but the site being used are becoming less and less informative sites but rather site for pleasure like many SNS sites site. They believe that the generation today is being less invovled with the political issues and news information being generated by social media. Both of these article are talking about how society today is becoming more and more distracted from information being distributed via different media services but instead spending more time on SNS pleasure sites.

Friday, November 13, 2009


I really found this article about SNS very interesting. I have been a user of SNS for many years but never knew much about their history. I was shocked at how many different SNS there are/ have been. It is also amaing that with all the different site the creaters of the sites are still able to come up with a new catch that will attract new users. I think why one of the reasons SNS are continously popular because in society today if you are not invovled in a SNS you are missing out and not part of society. I can only think of a few people my age that is not invovled in any SNS. I use SNS to stay connected and keep in contact with people i know acroos the country. SNS is a great tool for that purpose. Now I think some sites are taking it to far by invovling advertising based on the screening of info on your profile, i think that is going to far. the sole purpose of these site is a way to meet and stay in contact with people. These sites have increasingly made these site better and more efficient with the changes in privacy. overall I think SNS are very useful.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

5 Issues

global warming
hate crimes
equal education to all kids
air/water polution

Monday, November 9, 2009

illness inhibits redesign

So last week during the heart of the project I came down with what was most likely to be the flu. During the week I was unable to accomplish anything regarding the project or any other work at all. This made me feel as though I fell behind in in project and might have given my group members the feeling as though I was not contributing as much to the project as I should have been. But I was, I was doing everything for the project that I was asssigned and agreed upon by the group. This project overall was not the most difficult one but I did take alot out of it. I came to learn in the project how to analysis different websites and how to change them for the better. This project gave me new insight into the actual process of designing websites but also a new outlook on working with groups. This project was made easier while working with a group because of my lack of understanding of making websites it helped working with people that did to help me better understand the basics of it. By the end of the project Ii believe I have a better working relationship with the template for designing websites that we used in the project.

The chosen website

The actual project went pretty well too. From begining to end the whole group made descion really easily. There was little to no arguing about any aspect of the the project. Within minutes the group decided on a website to design, luckily it was mine. I was really happy with this because I feel it allowed me to bring a new perspective to the project that helped us in deveolping an overall better feel and cohesivness for the site. In the redesign I think we made the site a whole lot better and easier to use. Our main focus of the project was to make the site easier to navigate. The old site was extremely hard to find your way around, even for someone who used it daily. The links were an area that we focused on aswell, many of the pages were inconsistent with the links. If you were to click onto a page the link on the left hand side would change according to the topic of the page, an overall poor design. We changed all of that and made the whole site a lot easier to use and better to look at aswell.

website re-design

to start this project i was very unsure of how it would go. first of all i really dislike working in groups, I find it hard to communicate and especially hard to get the same style and tone of writing down within the group. In this project how ever I really did not experience that. Working in this group went alot smoother than I thought. I would like to think it was all contributed to the group really working hard together, but I feel I must give some credit to the online classroom, sakai. It did make it very easy for the group to work together and communicate with each other outside the classroom and show the work each member was working on with out meeting.