Monday, November 9, 2009

illness inhibits redesign

So last week during the heart of the project I came down with what was most likely to be the flu. During the week I was unable to accomplish anything regarding the project or any other work at all. This made me feel as though I fell behind in in project and might have given my group members the feeling as though I was not contributing as much to the project as I should have been. But I was, I was doing everything for the project that I was asssigned and agreed upon by the group. This project overall was not the most difficult one but I did take alot out of it. I came to learn in the project how to analysis different websites and how to change them for the better. This project gave me new insight into the actual process of designing websites but also a new outlook on working with groups. This project was made easier while working with a group because of my lack of understanding of making websites it helped working with people that did to help me better understand the basics of it. By the end of the project Ii believe I have a better working relationship with the template for designing websites that we used in the project.

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