Sunday, November 15, 2009

Compare Contrast SNS Articles

The first article invovling SNS site and political views is more concerned with how SNS site are only being used for individual pleasure. When SNS site first became popular the idea of using them for more political, informative use was brought up in conversation. Well those groups that have wanted to use those site for political purpose have realized, as the article states that the users of these sites are more concerned with updating and modifying their pages to make them more personal. SNS sites seem to have become more of an online playground for users rather than an informative outlet. The second article about digital natives is more concerned with the idea that our society today is using the internet more and more, but the site being used are becoming less and less informative sites but rather site for pleasure like many SNS sites site. They believe that the generation today is being less invovled with the political issues and news information being generated by social media. Both of these article are talking about how society today is becoming more and more distracted from information being distributed via different media services but instead spending more time on SNS pleasure sites.

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