Monday, November 9, 2009

The chosen website

The actual project went pretty well too. From begining to end the whole group made descion really easily. There was little to no arguing about any aspect of the the project. Within minutes the group decided on a website to design, luckily it was mine. I was really happy with this because I feel it allowed me to bring a new perspective to the project that helped us in deveolping an overall better feel and cohesivness for the site. In the redesign I think we made the site a whole lot better and easier to use. Our main focus of the project was to make the site easier to navigate. The old site was extremely hard to find your way around, even for someone who used it daily. The links were an area that we focused on aswell, many of the pages were inconsistent with the links. If you were to click onto a page the link on the left hand side would change according to the topic of the page, an overall poor design. We changed all of that and made the whole site a lot easier to use and better to look at aswell.

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