Friday, November 13, 2009


I really found this article about SNS very interesting. I have been a user of SNS for many years but never knew much about their history. I was shocked at how many different SNS there are/ have been. It is also amaing that with all the different site the creaters of the sites are still able to come up with a new catch that will attract new users. I think why one of the reasons SNS are continously popular because in society today if you are not invovled in a SNS you are missing out and not part of society. I can only think of a few people my age that is not invovled in any SNS. I use SNS to stay connected and keep in contact with people i know acroos the country. SNS is a great tool for that purpose. Now I think some sites are taking it to far by invovling advertising based on the screening of info on your profile, i think that is going to far. the sole purpose of these site is a way to meet and stay in contact with people. These sites have increasingly made these site better and more efficient with the changes in privacy. overall I think SNS are very useful.

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