Sunday, September 20, 2009

Enthusiast blog brainstorm

Topic: Topic of my blog is going to be my experiences in teaching. I plan to focus on my weekly visits to an elementary school for one of my classes. While in the school I observe, help teach, and plan lessons. I will also be conducting studies about what I observe while in the school. In the blog I plan on talking about my experiences while teaching, observing how the classroom works and also my personal thoughts and stories about what goes on during my placement in the school.

Audience: The audience I would like to attract can be very diverse, I would like to see fellow education majors read the blogs and possibly comment on shared experiences. I would also like to see more of the general populatio read the blog, especially people who think the teaching career is not hard. Another interesting audience I would like to share my thoughts with are fellow teachers, people who already went through the training and opbservations that I am now going through myself as I write. I think this audience would like to see all aspects of teaching not just the glory parts when a student has that a'ha moment of learning something you taught them, but more of the down and dirty aspect of teaching, all the grudge work that most dont know about.

Personality: For my blog I think I am going to start writing like a daily journal entries. It is not going to be formal at all. I plan on writing how I would speak to somebody, while that could pose a problem while being difficult to read I am hoping the Audience can connect in someway. Depending on the way that day went the style of writing might change with the mood i am feeling after leaving the school. So right now the style and personality I am leaving to my feelings at the time of the writing.

Possible Titles:
Child's Play
Back in the Classroom
Elementary School through and Grown Man's Eyes
Returning to my Childhood
I never thought I would be a Teacher Well Here it Goes.

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