Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rebecca Blood's blog

When i first started to read Blood's blog I was lost and confused about where the topic was and where exactly she was going to take this argument. After further readings it became more clear that she was trying to explain blogging as a whole. To be honest the first half of the blog about the history of blogging was somewhat important to the rest of the blog, but with its great amount of detail it led me as the reader to become bored and confused.
I do realize the blog is called history and perspective but the mass amount of detail to little parts of the history seemed to be a little overdone. The perspective aspect of the blog was very interesting. I did not know there was a difference in "web blogging" or just "bloging". After reading about them I came to the conclusion that even though one type of blogging came first and might not be as popular, they are both an affective tool in the use of getting thoughts accross.
I think the idea of blogging was amazing, just to have a space where someone can publish any thing they want and not have to be judged by what they say. I think people tend to feel more comfortable and confident while blogging. They get to say publicly what they want to say while in most cases there is not direct in person risk of harmful feedback. I feel that blogging can be a safe and healthy place for some people to be able to express themselves while remaining a sense of identity.

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