Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Group revisions

So we had to have a group look over our blogs and talk about it. Not my favorite thing to do, I like to write. But I dont like watching people read my writing and talk about it in person. Its just something that has to be done so I do it.
I do have to admit that the group revision thing actually does help. It really gave me new insight about my blog. I thought that my ideas and topics for my posts were not only good but made sense and were easy to undestand. Well I guess not, through talking with the group members I realized that while "I" personaly enjoyed and were able to understand my posts they were a bit difficult for others to follow. I was able to conclude that my topic was to BROAD. My idea for the blog and about me section was right on but I was unable to succeed in my post so far what I wanted to write about. After the discussion I became re-focused and and was able to come up with new posts ideas and a new way to re-format the blog to make more sense to the readers.

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