Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Revisions, re-writes

So nothings perfect the first time, the second or ever. Thats my moto and least when writing. After working with group about what was good and bad with my blog I sat on it for a day or so, just didnt work on it. Not because I was lazy or didnt want to work on my blog I just like to think about my writing and not acutally write for at least a day. SO after my "thinking time" I started to read over my posts and get to work on them. It was hard I admit. I am not found with reading my own writngs, this might sound wierd to some but well then I guess Im wierd. I decided to combine two of my post and write a whole new one. This work out pretty well, I was able to focus my attention to what I acually said I was going to write about in my description and about me section.
Also while re-writng my posts I tried to add in more to the layout and visuals, it was and still is hard to come up with ideas for picture, I cant take any in the schools so I have to be more creative, but at this moment the creative juices are not flowing so well so I am going to work on those early tomorrow morning. But I did try and include some links to help the readers understand some of the educational terms and topics I was talking about, but didnt feel the need to write in my blog about. Right now I am happy with my blog, but I still have some things to work on. Writing is always a work in progress!!!

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