Sunday, September 27, 2009

How I Started

Finding a topic for my blogs wasnt that difficult. It has acutally been the easiest part of the blog so far. The hard part was a title. I wanted to find something that was cachty, creative but got the point across. The first thing I did was I made a list of possible titles that were somehow related to the topic of the blog. SO I just typed out whatever the hell came to mind. Some of the ideas that I had I thought were really good at the time I wrote them, then there were others that I really didnt like but I still wrote them down.
My next strategy for coming up with a title was to not think about the blog for an entire day. I always do this while working on a piece of writing, come up with a basic plan for the paper and then not work on it and clear my head for at least a day. It always seems to help me reorganize my thoughts and lets me see my past ideas in new light. It just helps.
The last thing that helped me choose a title was my peers. Meeting in class and talking about the blogs really helped. First off that is how I actually got the ideaf or my blog. As for the title I just read my group my list of possible titles, and one of the group members stoped me at one and told me they really liked that one and others agreed. I looked at it and realized it was exactly the type of title I was looking for so there we I got a title for the blog. Now I just need to blog!

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