Monday, October 19, 2009

Article organizational examples

The site that I found to be a good example of everything the aricle was talking about is: . Not only is it very informative but it is also very well organized. There are smooth tranistions between pages and the tab bar on the side make the site easy to navigate from one topic area to the next.
The site that I found to be lacking is, first off the site is very minimal. It is simple and still seem to be under construction, yet there is no information about that. The organization is somewhat exhistant but some of the links are dead, while others bring you to a page with extremely low information. The site seems to be lacking the cohesivness of a well crafted site, it seems throwed together just to put a site out there and little thought into how user friendly it will be.

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  1. The Rhode Island Drowning Site looks ripe for redesign! Mention it as an option to your group. Good work, Andrew!