Monday, October 12, 2009

Tips from wikitavel manual

The reading of the wikitravel style manual was interesting. Everytime I read about wikitravel there seems to be more "rules". There are all these guidlines that they recomend that you follow and say if you do it will make you page more successful. The more I read into this site the more confusing and complicated I feel creating a page seems to get.
A tip I learned is that if you have trouble following the extact style and format wikitravel is looking for you should just post the way you want and another person will come along and make you post more wiki-readable. Another tip was that when posting wiki wants you to just talk and give info about a place, dont push it positive or negative, stay general and neutral. Lastly, when using currency or phone numbers it is important to use their standard layout so that it makes sense to everyone, its a general format that people from all around the world can understand.

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