Monday, October 12, 2009

Ideas for wikitravel posts

Get in: Many ways in, IS a suburb of the city of Chicago. Two airports to get into the city of Chicago. There is public transportation, can take a train The "el" to get to another suburb, then must take the "metra", public bus service. Could always take a taxi from the airport, EXPENSIVE. Another way to get there is via personal vechicle, watch out major traffic in the city and in Northfield during the rush hours, highways get to busy people take side streets through the town.

DO: On weekends from late May through early September there is a famers market where local farmers sell their goods. These include all sorts of frst fruits and vegetables. Also fresh breads and pastrys from local bakeries. Fresh flowers and more.

See: Local forrest preserves. Lots of local protected forrests with miles of bike trails going through them. Also the Skokie lagoon ( part in northfield even though called skokie) where fishing, kayaking, and canoeing in popular.

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