Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wiki travel-causes trouble

So when I started working on my Wiketravel page for Northfield Il, I thought it would be an easy project oh was I wrong. I have had trouble from the start I thought it would no problem to create a webpage from nothing, again wrong. I think I am pretty tech savey but it took me a while to figuire out how to get the whole writting in code or wiki-markup down. I first started with actually typing out all the symbols and everything and it took forever. It was so boring and hard to concentrate on writing all those symbols I couldn't get any work done. So I finally messed around on the site a little and came to the conclusion that when you log onto yo profile and go to edit a page you can choose an option to add a listing instead of having to eidt and type in all the mark-up. SO MUCH EASIER! Life again went along alot smoother.

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