Monday, October 19, 2009

wikitravel topics

So once i was able to figuire out the whole wikimarkup mess i had to start writing. Once again not as easy as i thought. I know i have only really lived in this town for less than a year but i have been there many times before. I ended up having to talk to a family member to refresh my memory about what there was actually to do in this town. once i got one or two ideas everything came back to me and the typing just starting. this project was a pretty interesting one because i was able to see how lacking my town really was and how truly it was too.
Another aspect of this project i have to talk about was the peer review, i was very disapointed about the lack of effort from my group. i only got 1 review, i changed my plans on friday in order to make sure i gave all my group memebers a good review and expected the same in return. FAIL on thier part.

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